SAFE in Central Florida

A nonprofit alliance of purpose driven partners that produce and fund anti human trafficking solutions in Central Florida.

Phase Three

SAFE (Strategic Alliance to Fight Exploitation) in Central Florida is gearing up for Phase Three in its relentless battle against human trafficking in the region. Building on the successes of its previous phases, the organization is now focused on a comprehensive approach that combines prevention, intervention, and support. Phase Three involves further community outreach and education programs to raise awareness about the dangers of human trafficking, along with strengthening partnerships with law enforcement agencies and local communities to enhance identification and reporting of trafficking cases. Additionally, SAFE will continue to provide vital support and resources for survivors, helping them rebuild their lives and ensuring their long-term well-being. With Phase Three, SAFE aims to create a safer and more vigilant Central Florida, making strides towards eradicating human trafficking in the region once and for all.

As SAFE enters Phase Three, its commitment to combating human trafficking remains steadfast. By addressing the issue from multiple angles, they seek to create a resilient and empowered community that actively protects its most vulnerable members while offering a lifeline to survivors. With increased awareness, strategic alliances, and unwavering dedication, SAFE is poised to make significant strides in its fight against human trafficking, ultimately creating a safer and more secure Central Florida for all its residents.