Justice Restoration Center

Justice Restoration Center is a tax-exempt organization that exists to provide trauma-informed restorative pro bono legal services and advocacy for survivors of human trafficking, as well as to advocate on trafficking-related legislation and policy matters. The Justice Restoration Center features an alliance of legal professionals who provide free legal services for survivors, along with volunteer professionals and others who are willing to assist at no cost to the survivor.

Record Expungement

Justice Restoration Center whose mission is to provide pro bono trauma informed restorative legal services to survivors.  Ninety percent of sex trafficking survivors leave the life with a criminal record which creates substantial barriers to employment, housing, education, family relationships, and other opportunities that are vital to their restorative journeys.  Criminal record relief opens doors out of poverty, recidivism, and re-exploitation, and helps pave a path forward. Trauma informed legal services help empower and encourage survivors with a sense of control, redemption, and justice.