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Legal Aid for Record Expungement

Record expungement is critical for victims of human trafficking because it can help them overcome barriers to employment, education, and housing.

Meaningful Employment with Livable Wages

Providing survivors of human trafficking with meaningful employment opportunities with livable wages can provide survivors with financial stability, a sense of purpose and dignity, and opportunities to build new skills and connections.

Education and Training Catalog

A comprehensive catalog of training and education is critical for raising awareness, promoting understanding, standardizing training, identifying gaps, and promoting collaboration in the fight against human trafficking.


Housing is a critical need for human trafficking victims because these individuals are often exploited, abused, and forced to live in unsafe and inhumane conditions by their traffickers. After escaping or being rescued from their traffickers,

Demand Reduction

Reducing demand is crucial for combating human trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation that are prevalent in the commercial sex industry.