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Mobilizing resources to eradicate human trafficking in Central Florida.

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What is SAFE in Central Florida?

A Strategy

addressing all parts of the fight against commercial sexual exploitation including prevention, intervention, and restoration.

An Alliance

of businesses, people and organizations who are united to combat commercial sexual exploitation in Central Florida.

A Fund

that invests tax-deductible donations in qualified, vetted organizations who are moving the needle in the fight.

Florida has ranked 3rd in volume of calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline every year since 2007.

Orlando is the 3rd ranking US City (per capita) in volume of calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Who is SAFE in Central Florida?

In October 2019, a group of people were sitting in an Orlando hotel conference room attending a discussion panel that described the enormity of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  These crimes happen around the world, but one person described what she and a group of people were doing to fight this problem in Washington.  Starting in Seattle, Heather Tuininga launched a new model for funding the fight against exploitation with a vision to expand across the country.  Motivated by the discussion, the size of the problem in the Orlando area and the simple, repeatable model, three people from the Central Florida area were inspired to start SAFE in Central Florida.


Volunteers play an indispensable role in the relentless battle against human trafficking, a heinous crime that robs countless individuals of their freedom and dignity.  Their selfless dedication demonstrates the power of collective action in making a profound difference in the lives of those trapped in the clutches of traffickers. The fight against human trafficking is a shared responsibility, and volunteers exemplify the spirit of solidarity and empathy that is needed to combat this grave injustice. As we acknowledge the vital role they play, we should be inspired to step forward, stand beside them, and take action ourselves, for it is through our collective efforts that we can truly make a difference and strive for a world free from the horrors of human trafficking.

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Phase Two Projects

Funding from SAFE for projects in the fight against human trafficking in Central Florida occurs in Phases, with each phase starting with an exploratory process to determine the greatest needs of the community, a notice to local organizations for ideas or initiatives that might help meet those needs, an evaluation and selection of those proposals based on viability, cost and other factors, a fund raising season followed by donor-supported grants provided to the selected projects. The projects below were those selected and funded in our Phase Two, which took place over the course of 2022-2023.

Legal Aid for Record Expungement

Record expungement is critical for victims of human trafficking because it can help them overcome barriers to employment, education, and housing.

Meaningful Employment with Livable Wages

Providing survivors of human trafficking with meaningful employment opportunities with livable wages can provide survivors with financial stability, a sense of purpose and dignity, and opportunities to build new skills and connections.

Education and Training Catalog

A comprehensive catalog of training and education is critical for raising awareness, promoting understanding, standardizing training, identifying gaps, and promoting collaboration in the fight against human trafficking.


Housing is a critical need for human trafficking victims because these individuals are often exploited, abused, and forced to live in unsafe and inhumane conditions by their traffickers. After escaping or being rescued from their traffickers,

Demand Reduction

Reducing demand is crucial for combating human trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation that are prevalent in the commercial sex industry.


Next Steps

We are targeting finalization of our Phase Three strategy by late first quarter 2024.

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EMPOWERED Volunteer Training

EMPOWERED is Harbour Hope International’s Volunteer Training. This training will equip you to live missionally and fight the injustice of human trafficking by giving you practical skills to lead, love, and serve the marginalized. Give voice to the voiceless and fight for freedom on behalf of the oppressed. Stand up and fight for love on…



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“Human trafficking is a plague that we cannot stop fighting in our state and nationwide. I will work daily, along with law enforcement partners across Florida, to combat human trafficking and rescue survivors.”

Ashley Moody

Attorney General, State of Florida